Patient Loyalty Programs

Many businesses today offer loyalty programs that provide incentives for repeat customers. These same programs are trending in the dental industry and are referred to as “Patient Loyalty Programs.” They offer a variety of services and benefits to the patient for a one time annual fee or monthly payment plan. These plans could prove beneficial to patients who have lost insurance due to unemployment or retired patients with a fixed income.
In the dental industry, your patients are you most valued asset and they expect a high standard of care. A Patient Loyalty Program can enhance their experience with your practice and may help with the following:

• Increased referrals
•New patient recruitment
•Current patient retention

Sample Program:
2 dental examinations per year
All needed x-rays
2 preventive cleanings
Emergency exams
20% off our regular fees on all routine restorative and gum treatment services

A Patient Loyalty Program is just one aspect of attracting and retaining patients in your practice. Ultimately, you need to do what works best for your practice and the individual needs of your patients.