It is our position that not every dental practice needs a full “coaching” program. Rather, much like a dental check-up, we let you know where your practice stands, indicate both strengths and weaknesses, and advise you on the steps to take for continued success. We do this without a large up-front financial commitment or contract.

Are any of these a concern to you?
Too much stress?

Lack of time off?

Accounts receivable?

Personnel management?

Increasing overhead?

PPO/HMO programs?

Dealing with difficult business decisions?

Predicting the direction of the dental industry?

Scheduling Issues?

Fee increases?

We will review your practice to assess how your firm stacks up against key market trends. Knowing your practice’s strengths and pointing out potential blind spots will help you establish a solid, enduring presence in the marketplace that sets you apart from the competition.

Our group also offers assistance with individualized Team Meetings. Cooperation with your team is critical to a smooth operation. We will share goal setting and budgeting solutions designed to maximize performance, improve production, and streamline your operation.